OK, so this commercial comes up at least once every hour no matter what program I’m watching.

I find it disturbing, but not in the way described in the comment below:
The first time I saw this commercial, I thought it was cute, but now I’ve seen it like a billion times and it gets annoying

It’s not annoying, it’s DISTURBING!

I find it disturbing because it takes images of an innocent children’s Christmas play and turns it into an incentive to make us shop.

It starts out innocently enough with a cute kid reading from a giant book.

That’s so cute! We’re sucked in from the very beginning. And then the parents get into the action. What parent hasn’t relived their child’s life from the sidelines, coaching them with batting tips, grilling them on math equations, reciting verses, pitching out vocabulary words in need of a definition?

Initially this father looks like some geeky dad whose kid will temporarily pretend like he’s a stranger even if they are at the movies together. (yeah, that’s what kids do) But we soon see just how sinister this is…assuming, of course that you are watching with a critical eye and not just blindly following Target’s ploy to lure you into shopping based on…


Can’t go there yet since you haven’t heard the whole story…

To Target they darted for presents a-plenty

Which this stage mother, it seems, thought a happy idea.

But I’m not sure I’d follow her coaching which seems to put a lofty priority on consumer dreams.

So I’m thinking we should just ignore these and ALL commercials and spend time in contemplation, reflection, retrospection, gratefulness, and thanksgiving.

Now there’s a thought!