I am participating in the 14th annual Technology, Colleges and Community [TCC2008] online conference Keynote session, “Chasing Squirrels in Online Learning” with Learning Times Founder Jonathan Finklestein. Here’s the speech description.

In this keynote, ‘Chasing Squirrels in Online Learning’, Learning in Real Time author Jonathan Finkelstein will explore unique, real-time online group and social networking activities that take learner engagement to the next level. Find out about innovative learning techniques and facilitation strategies that will open your eyes to what is possible while teaching and learning online.

He began his talk by asking us to reflect on a memorable learning moment. There are 91 participants in this speech and the responses were amazing. My response was, “When a teacher described me in a way I had never thought about. I wanted to be that person.” I didn’t add this point, but I feel to some extent, I am BECOMING that person.

I occurred to me that this is a great exercise for opening our Central Texas Dialogue and Deliberation Summit this Saturday. Do I dare suggest yet another change? It is certainly appropriate given our goal of creating a learning community.