On this day (March 15, 1965), President Johnson went before Congress and called for legislation that would guarantee every American’s right to vote


On this day (March 15, 2008) President Bush pretended like all of the problems with the economy will be solved by a pittance of a tax rebate that will barely pay down a week’s worth of debt most Americans are facing and ridding the federal budget of Congressional earmarks, another pittance in the economic quagmire (never mind that he’s been one of the largest offenders of the loopholed earmark system). He even managed to put the blame back on the American people who are not responding to the offers of assistance for mortgage counseling.

Forty-three years ago our president stood up for what was right and fought for the rights of those who had no voice. Today our (or someone’s) president pretended like there was no problem, refused to take a stand (much less responsibility) and deflected the blame onto those who are hurting.

You may not care for President Johnson, but he had the balls to stand up for people who were hurting and to take responsibility when things were going miserably. He at least showed up prepared, combative, sympathetic, and repentant  – even sorrowful – when  he was unable to navigate the country out of  a desperate situation.