I don’t know why, but this week, the leaves feel more scattered than ever. It’s not where I like to be and I’m not sure why this is happening. Tonight – this morning – for example, I couldn’t find my iPhone. DRAT it all. It was on vibrate so calling myself was no option. It’s my alarm clock so I didn’t want to got to sleep without it. An hour later, I found it. But that’s just not like me.

I try to have systems in place. I keep life simple. But lately none of my systems are working and life is piling up all around me. It may be the jobs I’ve taken on that have so many players involved, I have to let go. I’m letting go, but things aren’t getting done and I feel frazzled.

It may be the fact that I’m not as tethered to my family because of illness. I’m sure that my mother’s health is affecting my concentration. Hopefully she’ll be heartier tomorrow – er, today.

Perhaps getting through Thursday and then coasting on Friday will help. Saturday will be chaos at the training, but I can take time off on Sunday. Nails, hair and other female pampering on Friday, and hot tubbing on Saturday evening sounds like a plan. Laundry on Sunday and shopping and clean house on Monday, pack on Tuesday, company Tuesday night, first major set of forums on Tuesday evening, no sleep, early departure to Chicago on Wednesday, Marla give ride to airport?

I ‘ve got to get on top of these things or I’m still going to be scrambling AND I’ll be scrambling from Chicago!