OK, if you start feeling sorry for yourself today, imagine this…

You’ve just worked 16 hours and you want to sit on your patio in the cool evening winding down with a merlot. You don’t turn on the light, but you check around for snakes in the pall of the garage light seeping out onto. You walk the familiar path to your deck chair when you take a slide on something gooshy that sticks to your foot. You open the garage door and see the shape of a flattened, disemboweled creature – a bunny? A rat?

You bravely (it’s easier to be brave without your contacts or glasses when you can’t really see what you are doing) take a shovel stretched out as far from your body as you can get it, scoop it up and toss it out into the yard. A little bleach and a strong jet hose to clean up the bits and pieces. In retrospect you wonder if perhaps it was just cat upchuck of the new food that doesn’t seem to be all that palatable. Even YOU gag on it when you dish it up.

I still don’t have my eyes in so I won’t really know until the morning and maybe not even then. BUT does it really matter? Ending the day with gooshy stuff – dead animal or cat puke – on the bottom of your tennies is pretty – well, it’s pretty pukey!

Still, it makes a good story, don’t you think?

Here’s to having a better day and knowing that it can all go horribly wrong at the last minute, but I can still laugh!