There may be an emerging theme for this blog. I have set up categories for postings on Art, Commentary, Travel and What were they thinking? The last category is where I’ll pose the obvious question that apparently wasn’t so obvious to others. (For example, watch for postings about poorly – ok, STUPIDLY – designed products or hair-brained ideas!)

holding handsBut already, there DOES seem to be an emerging theme in my life that I can explore on this blog. “Friends: finding and reconnecting with your past and building a new future of friendship.” In just the past few weeks, I’ve reconnected with high school chums from 32 years ago and have plans for face-to-face visits. I found a talented photographer / documentarian / author friend from the 80’s. (I’ll scan the fabulous photos he took of me when I looked good enough to – well, to photograph!) I’ve deepened a precious relationship here in Salado and I’ve had fun spontaneous encounters with people like Lorrie and Tim in Lampasas. (I definitely have MORE to say about that, but check out my Flickr link in the meantime!)

So what does it mean to have a friend? to find an old friend? to find a new friend? What makes old friendships remain relevant? I’ve reconnected with old friends I couldn’t wait to get off the phone with and erase from my database. I’ve reconnected with old friends I can’t wait to see. What makes the difference? Is it determined by the quality of our prior relationship? How closely we track in our personal and professional growth? Our expectations of each other? Why did we lose track in the first place? How is our relationship different now? Would it be the same if we hadn’t had time apart?

I have no clues about where my pursuit of these questions will lead me, but they seem appropriate for someone who just crawled over the 50 year hump. A retrospective of the last 50 years placed in the context of the next phase of my life could be a useful exercise. We shall see!