me thinkingI decided to start posting here because my Texas Forums blog needs to stay neutral, non-partisan, informative, and professional. I am after all representing the LBJ Presidential Library on that site! My Austin-Pacific blog is my personal/professional face. I also write for other blogs – League of Technical Voters, Extreme Democracy and the deliberative democracy blog. But I don’t have any place to just ramble about random thought or to have an online conversation with friends. So that’s what this space will be about. There won’t be much traffic on it and probably not that much content, but it will be MINE.

There’s no reason for the name “Scattered Leaves” except that I liked the picture that I’m using as the banner and the topics here are likely to be scattered. The only consistency is that they will be scattered ideas and thoughts from the world of Taylor Willingham.

Now that’s a scary thought!

If you’re adventurous hold on and ride these swells together!